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The underlined names link to the MIDI file. LeftClick to play, RightClick to SaveLinkAs:-

These files may contain copyrighted material, and are provided for your private rehearsal purposes only.

If you don't have a program to play these files in a useful way, please ask the Webmaster.

If the entry in the Score column is "Sheets" underlined, then the link is to
the PDF file so you can print your own copy of the score.


These are our current repertoire - either old friends or new ones on the way to performance standard.

Title Composer Arranger Score
Adam Lay Ybounden Anon 15thC Boris Ord C4C bk2 p10
Allelujia Purcell     Sheets
Amyntas with his Phyllis fair Francis Pilkington     Invitation2 P29
Ave Maria Josquin Desprez     EuroSacred p167
Ave Verum Corpus William Byrd John Morehen TudorAnthems p44
Ave Verum Corpus W A Mozart John Rutter EuroSacred p248
Beati Quorum Via C V Stanford J Cooke Sheets
Bethlehem Down Peter Warlock     Sheets
Bonjours mon coeur Roland d'Lassus     Sheets
Call To Remembrance Richard Farrant Anthony Greening TudorAnthems p50
A Clare Benediction John Rutter     Sheets
Come Again John Dowland     Sheets
Contakion Trad Russian Sir W Parratt Sheets
Crux Fidelis King John IV of Portugal John Rutter EuroSacred p164
Dem Dry Bones James Weldon Johnson Edward Evans Sheets
Deo Gratias William Byrd     Invitation2 p6
Didn't It Rain Trad Michael Gray Sheets
Ding dong! merrily on high 16thC French Charles Wood 100C4C p82
Dixit Maria Hans Leo Hassler John Rutter EuroSacred p159
Drop, Drop, Slow Tears Orlando Gibbons Phineas Fletcher Sheets
Fa Una Canzona Orazio Vecchi     Sheets
Hodie Christus natus est William Byrd     Sheets
Hodie Christus natus est J P Sweelinck     Sheets
Hosanna Thomas Weelkes John Morehen TudorAnthems p113
I am the resurrection Thomas Tomkins     Sheets
If ye love me Thomas Tallis Peter le Huray TudorAnthems p122
Il Bianco E Dolce Cigno Arcadelt A. d'Avalos Sheets
It Was A Lover And His Lass William Shakespeare / Thomas Morley Jan-Frerk Burmester Sheets
Jesu, dulcis memoria Victoria     EuroSacred p364
Jubilate Deo W A Mozart     Sheets
Lasciate Mi Monteverdi     Sheets
Let thy merciful ears Mudd W S Collins TudorAnthems p147
Linden Lea Ralph Vaughan WIlliams / William Barnes Arthur Somervell Sheets
Lo Country Sports Thomas Weelkes     Invitation5 p14
Lord, for thy tender mercy's sake Farrant / Hilton Anthony Greening TudorAnthems p152
Lord's Prayer Kedrov     Sheets
Love Divine Henry Purcell EJE, SE and William Hayes Sheets
Magnificat / Nunc Dimittis Richard Farrant     Sheets
Magnificat / Nunc Dimittis in A flat Orlando Gibbons     Sheets
Magnificat / Nunc Dimittis Thomas Kelway     Sheets
Magnificat / Nunc Dimittis in G minor Henry Purcell     Sheets Mag / Nunc
Magnificat / Nunc Dimittis Thomas Tallis     Sheets
Magnificat / Nunc Dimittis Thomas Weelkes     Sheets
Mass for Four Voices
1 Kyrie / 2 Gloria / 3 Credo /
4 Sanctus / 5 Benedictus / 6 Agnus Dei
William Byrd John Henry Fowler Sheets
A merry Christmas Trad Arthur Warrell 100CFC p164
Never weather-beaten sail Thomas Campian     Invitation2 p16
Now is the Month of Maying Thomas Morley     EnglishMadrigals p190
O Little Town Phillips Brooks H Walford Davies C4C bk3 p138
O Magnum Mysterium Victoria     Sheets
O nata lux de lumine Thomas Tallis     Tallis Anthol p74
O Praise the Lord Adrian Batten Anthony Greening TudorAnthems p251
O Sleep, Fond Fancy John Bennett Edmund H Fellowes Sheets
Pearce did dance Giles Farnaby     Invitation2 p60
Psalm 145 T Norris     Sheets
Quem Pastores Anon 14th Century hymn Sheets
Rejoice In The Lord Alway Anon (16th Cent.) Jason Smart Sheets
Responses DP David Pierce     Sheets
Responses William Smith of Durham     Sheets
Rest, Sweet Nymphs Francis Pilkington E. H. Fellowes Sheets
Rocking Czech Trad David Wilcocks C4C bk 1 p70
Round About in a Fair Ring John Bennett     Invitation5 p18
Salvator Mundi Thomas Tallis John Milsom TallisAnthol p99
Salve Regina Poulenc John Morehen EuroSacred p275
Shenendoah Trad Edward Evans Sheets
Sweet Honey-Sucking Bees John Wilbye     Sheets
Sweet Suffolk Owl Thomas Vautor     EnglishMadrigals p303
Sweet Was The Song Annymous     Sheets
Thou Knowest Henry Purcell     Sheets
Unquiet Thoughts your civil slaughter stint John Dowland     Sheets
Verbum Caro John Sheppard     Sheets
Wassail song Trad R Vaughan Williams 100C4C p362
Welcome Yule Parry     Sheets
When David Heard Thomas Tomkins John Morehen TudorAnthems p332
When To The Temple Johannes Eccard     Sheets

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