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The Beaupre Singers are a mixed choir (SATB) formed in 1987, centred around Cowbridge, South Wales. We prefer to sing music of the 16th and 17th centuries, both sacred (motets) and secular (madrigals) but don't spurn music of the 18th, 19th or even 20th centuries. However, we nearly always sing a capella (unaccompanied).
We are all amateurs.

We generally perform two or three times and year, small scale concerts of informally

Our next time we sing in public will be at the Christmas Tree Festival, St Augustines Church, Penarth at 12.15 on Saturday 9th December 2017.

Would you like to sing with us?
Please email ku.gro.sregniSerpuaeB@rotceriD

The name of the choir comes from Beaupre castle, which is a ruined medieval manor house in the fields near Cowbridge, near where the first rehearsals were held. Most people pronounce it the French way to rhyme with so-grey, but we and long-term residents of the area say Bewper, which is the way it was written in the 16th century.

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